Investment Sources

With a growing number of investors in search of more uncorrelated investments, alternatives have become the go-to asset class that remains unaffected by the market volatility. ASR has removed the stress of the up and down roller-coaster ride of the S&P.Imagine if your long-term investment funds were free from major stock market crashes like the ones many experienced in 2002 and 2008.

A Private Placement memorandum

(PPM) is a private offering to investors where numerous interests are pooled into one partnership. Accredited investors purchase shares of the partnership. Private Placements are securities, structured through a Regulation D exemption, Rule 506. A securities license is typically not required for a financial professional to manage a PPM. However, this can vary by state. ASR’s experience can help you structure and prepare a PPM for your clients at a reasonable cost.

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    Multigenerational Family Offerings

    ASR’s experienced team is able to guide wealthy families in their efforts to preserve their financial legacy.

  • Individual Accredited Investors

    High net worth clients can take advantage of a safer alternative asset-class by having a diversified number of policies to lower volatility and enhance returns.

  • Entrepreneurs & Corporate Executives

    Our entrepreneurial and corporate CEO clients benefit from the attractive rates of return while carrying relatively low risk.

  • ASR Advantage

    The perfect compliment to any institutional equity trust. Structured as a close-ended private equity-style fund for their institutional capital with a longer investment horizon. ASR takes a disciplined approach to ensuring that we encompass various investment sources to complement our investment strategies. We identify investment opportunities through proprietary research and take an active role in leveraging our team’s expertise to ensure we meet or exceed each of our client’s unique objectives.